Why Developing Soft Skills during High School Matters

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  1. Emily Royce says:

    When interviewing my mom, I explained the 7 soft skills, and the 2 that I need improvement on. She not only agreed with me, but explained how personal responsibility and and professional etiquette have had a massive impact in her careers in that they represent ones reliability and character. For instance, in a job interview, professional etiquette can “make or break” an interview, and the ability to follow up, is a personal responsibility,  hshowingow much you want a career. Thee two soft skills are what people tend to look for in finding a friend and positive relationships between co-workers. 

  2. sharvani says:

    Actually I had a very bad behavior I wanna have a change in my self….but even my parents don’t trust me…so to level up my confidence again I read this….

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