Peer Student Motivation: 3 TED Talks to Start the School Year

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2 Responses

  1. Leslie Rodriguez says:

    These videos are very inspiring.

  2. Steven Bamberger says:

    The first video it really raised an interesting point and that point was why do people look at failure with a more mindful eye?  I honestly think the people who know their strengths as well as their weakness are much better off.  If you know what you are good at then you can spend more time in that area.  When it comes to what you are not so good at you can outsource that area out.  The bottom line is you cannot be good at everything and that is just a pure simple fact. 

    The second video talks about how to be an effective teacher by asking leading questions.  It takes the idea that a large problem can be broken down into small lessons or tasks.  These will then build on each.  Doing things in this manner will make for more effective leaning.   The reason the leaning is more effective is because if a student gets lost in one area it is easy to spot and fix.

    The third video talks about why procrastination is harmful to life.  He points out people will often put things off because it is not urgent.  For example in two weeks you will have a test but you must use the restroom now it is more important.  He makes a good point and that is to make time for the task.  If time is set aside then it becomes more urgent.  

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