Parents Bust the Top 5 Virtual School Myths

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  1. Cathy Basinger says:

    My children have gone to Connections Academy since they were in 4th grade and are now in 10th grade.  I have one with a learning disability and had my reservations at first.  It is THE SINGLE BEST EDUCATIONAL DECISION I HAVE EVER MADE.  I am not just saying this, nor am I getting paid to say this.  If anybody has questions you can e-mail me or call me at anytime.  Or better yet check out my blog once it is up and running!

  2. Cathy Basinger says:

    I know a big myth is that parents seem to think that they have to be SMART or TEACHERS to have your child to be a Connections Academy student.

  3. gail kelly says:

    the amount of information, the level of difficulty and the live lessons have proven to me a better education for my daughter than the public school offered in my area.  I get alot of slack from neighbors who are completely against home schooling however when I point out the ability to work at her own pace and the fact that I can make sure she understands everything those neighbors walk away knowing I made the right choice.  I am more involved with her school work now than I was with her in “public school” .

  4. Ritzy Febres says:

    I am scared that they will not be able to do the work or it be too challenging for them.. 

  5. Kathy White says:

    The myths above, do not even apply to us.  1st.  We are so involved in Nathan’s classes.  It is so exciting to see him learn and grow through Ohio Connections Academy.  If he were at a B & M school, you would not see this.  You are there to assist if necessary (help him understand something being covered in the lesson.)

    2nd. Because my child (only 11 years old) is starting high school this year he will probably need more assistance.  This will be our 7th year with OCA.  The teachers have been so great.  They know each other.  Each time there is an activity, he is able to meet up with past teachers and current teachers.  All of them who worked with him in the past know him and he knows them.  If you were to ask him one of the best things at OCA, he would say: “the Teachers”.

    3rd. Socializing:  This is such a farce in my opinion.  The kids go to a B & M school.  They sit in a class of 25-30 kids.  They are with those same kids going from class to class.  How is this socializing?  Nathan has had opportunities to get with other children all over the state of Ohio.  He Face Times many of his friends.  Sometimes he may just web-mail them.  He has no boundaries and is able to meet and talk with others all the time.

    The other thing that is great is that he is an ambassador for the OCA.  When there is an info-session or a Smart Start (next one Aug. 11) he goes and meets and greets future children and parents to our great school.  What more can you ask for?

    4th. Many talk about the class structure. Is it challenging enough?  I have to say very much so.  You can do what you want with the class.  You can take those classes to a whole other degree.  An example:  When Nathan was in the 6th grade, he was in a Gifted and Talented Science class.  The topic was “leaving a footprint”.  He chose recycling.  He not only completed the class, he also decided to spread the word.  He gave a power point presentation to two mayors and their city councils.  (Wilmington OH, and Blanchester OH)  He talked with others about starting a compost bin and the ease of recycling. (Nike Center) and the Leaders of Clinton County.  He even had some time on WXIX TV.  This would not have been done in a B & M school.  The biggest thing, is that he had so much fun.  To see your 8 year give presentations and be so professional about.

    Finally the 5ht myth.  He does spend some time in front of the computer, however, it is not an all day thing.  He gets his classes done and we are through.  The above is a perfect example of where he does other things related to school that is not in front of a computer screen. 

    There is so much to do when you are working with your child at home.  Virtual school for us was the best decision we have ever made.  I know that this is not for every child, however, if a parent is already home with their child, why not give it a try.  Your child will blossom and grow in ways you never had imagined.

  6. I too feel that both me and my daughter will be overwhelmed with the material and there will be a lot of frustration instead of happy times.

  7. Michelle Luyk says:

    Cathy Basinger I’d love to talk to you but not sure how to find your blog. I have a student that has some disabilities and I have concerns about switching to this kind of learning.

  8. Amanda says:

    How long is a typical school day? How long does it take to complete daily assignments ?

  9. Beth says:

    Good Morning, Michelle.

    Thank you for your interest in Connections Academy.

    While I cannot connect you with Cathy Basinger, I can hopefully point you in the right direction to have some of your questions answered. Connections Academy prides itself in providing personalized learning plans for each of  our students and providing any accommodations necessary. In addition, we have many students enrolled with us who have IEPs and/or 504 Plans and as such our School Counselors and Special Education Directors are very accustomed to providing special education services in a virtual environment.

    If you have additional questions I encourage you to call the Academic Placement Serviced and Enrollment Offices a 1-800-382-6010, M-F 9am-6pm EST.

    Best Regards,

    Beth @ Connections Academy Enrollment Office

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