Not Your Usual High School Experience

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  1. Linda Hogan says:

    Hannah, thank you so much for sharing your story.  My daughter is technically an 8th grade student and has been so bored and frustrated in the traditional school.  Five years ago we moved from Florida to Michigan and not only did she have to deal with culture shock she had to go to a brick and mortar school for the first time.  She hated it. with 40 kids per class, gangs, bullies and overworked teachers she didnt get the attention she needed.  This past May she came home very excited.  She found out that CA would be available next year.  Her goal is to get thru 8th and 9th grade this year.

  2. shanna fronko says:

    yes…we all thank you for telling this story. my daughter is in 6th grade, and has been in and out of the public school. she too has found her place at CAohio. our family (grandparents..ect.) all say she is going to miss out on so much with an online school. i don’t feel that she will, as you said, you made a lot of friends and was able to do so much more. our public schools here are the same as Linda Hogans. the teachers here have a lot of the same troubles and when my daughter comes to me crying because she didn’t understand something, and the teacher never got to help her, it is so upsetting. this yr. is the 2nd time for us in CAohio and she plans to stay till 12th. we also just enrolled our son in K he can’t wait. if you ask him why he is going to school at CAohio he’ll say, “why go to public ? all that happens there is getting called names and getting beat up. who wants that.” we are so thankful for CAohio and people like you that help others see the chances online schooling can give students.

  3. Missy Nelson, CA school director says:

    Thanks Hannah!

    MTSMCA will miss you and your family.

  4. Rosalind Hines says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. I printed it up for my 11 grader to read, his 9th  grade year he became so frustrated that we were in fear of him giving up on school, however though research I found out about Connections Academy and it’s a blessing to me and my family. I have a rd grade and and a high schooler going to Connections Academy and  they are doing so good.

    Rosalind Hines
    N. Richland Hills TX

  5. donna o says:

    Congratulations on completing school and thanks for sharing your story! We have also found CCA (PA) to be very rewarding. My oldest daughter graduated from CCA with honors and was accepted into one of the hardest state schools there is! It was a long, challenging road for her, but CCA brought her to where she was more than ready for the rigors of college study. We also have 2 boys entering grade 7 this fall. No, they are not twins :0). One was not ready for school until he was 6 so once we started them both off in the same grade, it worked great while home schooling them. Now with CCA they are still doing great! My one son jumped nearly a full grade level in a year! We also have another son who did CCA for 9th grade and then transferred to B&M last year. he is doing VERY well in school though I still believe he would fare better with CCA academically. The quality and quantity in the B&M school is simply lower than CCA. This son though needed to be around people! Seriously, there were NO home schooling or cyber schooling families in this area with kids his age. So, that is the one thing CCA cannot do for him—give him people to be with! All that said, we will stick with CCA for as long as we can with my younger boys!

  6. Kristina M. says:

    Congratulations, on your personal successes and findings.  Thank you, Hannah.  Last year was our first year with Oregon Connections Academy.  Our first year was met with many struggles because of the many lacking elements of the Brick and Mortar schools.  We essentially had to start from square one:  teaching him how to learn, so that he could realize his educational potential (that he wasn’t stupid).  Our son soared to heights we didn’t even know existed for him.  He realized he had skills with the computer that he didn’t even know he had.  Until he was given the opportunity to do so.  Connections Academy did this not only for our son but for us as well.  Last year our son didn’t have time to make new friends, but we are going to show him your letter, so that he can realize his other potential, “to make new friends”.  Again, thank you!
    Kristina M. ORCA

  7. LaDawn says:

    Hannah,Congratulations on your accomplishments including the selfconfidence I here in your writing! You will succeed in whatever you choose.My son is in the 3rd grade now(his second year with MTSMCA)he is very intelligent and because of this school he was on the honer roll all year!!!! For him a brick and mortar school could not do this with him.Thanks to this school he has whatever future his heart desires!Your words have given me the hope to continue,this is not easy for me as his coach,he is a challenging child and in a brick and mortar school they could not do this with him.Thank you for sharing your story with us.They are words of a wise young women.Keep up the great work and good luck with your future.LaDawn

  8. Beatrice says:

    Congratulations Hannah on successfully completing your schooling. Your story has inspired me and really lets me know that I have made the right decision to enroll my son in Connections Academy. He was struggling in regular school because he was just another child and not getting the attention he needed to be successful. Good luck and thanks for sharing. Beatrice

  9. Alice D says:

    Hannah, Best wishes for your future!  Your story sounds so much like our son’s experience.  He will be a Sr this year at SCCA(South Carolina).  We have been with SCCA since their first year in our state and have grown with them. They have truly been “the best thing that ever happened” for our family.  As Donna O said, the fit isn’t always right for every child but for Jared it seems to be challenging enough, and has taught him the responsibility of independent study, and we’ve both made many new friends through activities and field trips.  The CA teachers are absolutely wonderful!  They know Jared far better than when he sat face to face every day with his teachers-I only heard from those teachers after there was a problem–SCCA teachers are proactive when they need to be and are always available to students and parents. 

  10. Karen Mcintyre says:

    thank you so much for sharing ur story to me i am very thankful bcuz i feel the same way u did and now tht i know tht i could still make friends and things it makes me feel more confident tht i could have friends and get ready for collage, even though i am going to school online!!

      P.S: telling me urstory has helped me sooo much thank and i hope ur life goes well…

  11. Kristen says:

    Congradulations. My son is in 8th grade and was concerned about going to an online high school next year. He was bullied badly in his brick and mortar school and they did nothing about it. We are so very grateful for CCA. Best of luck.

  12. Alma says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience.  I look forward to my kids going to college, and to also have additional time for extra activities.  Good luck with all that you do! God bless you!

  13. Donna Phelps says:

    thank you for you story hannah i am just now starting to research home schooling for my 9th grader (freshman in high school) at school there is to many disruptive kids, teasing, and fighting for my child to enjoy school as she once did.

  14. ANNIE says:

    I hope you achieve what ever your heart and soul set out to be

  15. Rhoda says:

    Congratulations Hannah! Thank You for posting your story online. My daughter will be starting this fall as a 10th grader in the new Louisiana Connections Academy. Although very excited, I was still a little worried about social interaction. Glad to know that you had a great experience and I am hoping for the same for her. You have a positive attitude and I am sure you will continue to be successful.

  16. Brock Darr says:

    Hannah, WAY TO GO! This is the first year for our daughters in Texas Connections Academy. The fear of no social life has been our struggle. First semester is nearly over now and they have really met a good group of friends. We attend several field trips and they utilize the web mail system as well. I am not aware of any sports opportunities at the moment, but there are the extra curricular  offerings that we are looking into. One of our daughters have been casted in a Babes in Toyland play here locally and has enjoyed it very much. With a traditional school, she may not have had time to get to practices and participate during the play nights. Stories like yours are inspiring to us and we will also be printing this out and keeping it to read upon when we feel a struggle. Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  17. Sarah Gillinksy says:

    I am so glad that everything worked out well for you. I am an incoming junior and will be attending a school that is partly online. The principal of this school has told me that it is very difficult to schools with an online program. Is this true? I am concerned about not understanding the curriculum. 

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