How to Inspire Girls in STEM Education

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  1. Islam has always attached utmost importance to girl’s education. The Islamic community encourages its women to consistently explore avenues of self-improvement through education. And, it must be said that Jamea Al Kauthar – the prestigious Islamic and Secular academic institution for girls– has played a pioneering role in Islamic female education. Let us find out how.

  2. If people look at the reports regarding number of Muslim girls who are illiterate around the world then they would be surprised. A large number of Muslim girls do not get any education in different parts of the world. Sometimes, they are not sent to schools and sometimes, they do not have any money to get admission to schools. There have been so many cases where nonprofit organizations have started special schools which are meant only for Muslim girls. You would be able to find Islamic schools for girls like Jamea Al Kauthar with the help of the internet.

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