How to Create an Organized Home Classroom in a Limited Space

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  1. Natasha says:

    Awesome tips!! Thanks.. We live in an apartment and space is very limited so we made our dining area a whole mini-classroom painted it very colorful and decorated it..then turned our living into a dining / living room area and it worked out GREAT!. our last finishing touch is to put a divider so the kids are not distracted with what is going on on the other side….and as far as space you suggested using an unused kitchen cabinet…well you are sooo right we used a storage closet that is in the dining area as our “school locker” Love it!!! 

  2. SANDY says:

    thank you for the ideas. I have a high school student and an elementary student, plus after school i have kids that come over to do homework. dividing the dining area is a great idea (less distracting) and the other students cant get jealous if one is working on a fun project. I bought plastic colored bins for extra storage and labeled it with the subject and their name. Makes it so much easier

  3. Storage Melbourne says:

    First of all, you have a very wonderful Blog themes and design, it is really attractive. And with the topic, it is necessary to maximize the space you are into. You must be wise of the things and arrangement you will do to fit in. Hence, this post is very helpful and surely kids will enjoy this kind of surrounding even though it is considered as a small space but for them to have a classroom is very overwhelming.



  5. Erica says:

    There are some wonderful ideas included in this post.  I especially like the idea of using a kitchen cabinet for school storage.  We have just moved into our new apartment and discovered that by taking the doors off a section of the cabinets we have a very useable area for everyday supplies.  A wipe board on the closet door also works for us as a communication tool, schedule reminder and place to leave love notes.  September will be here in a blink of an eye and we are going to be ready to start our first year with Connections Academy!

  6. Stutz family says:

    We moved the two boys into one room and then one of the girls into the boys old room. We then turned a purple girls room into our school room. We made one long desk with file drawers from a Restore under a counter top from Lowes. A couple cork boards above and a wipe board and we were ready. I got a rolling chair to glide between four kids wish I could add pics

  7. Thanks so much for this post! There is some really great stuff here, keep it up!

  8. Amy Padilla says:

    We have a desk area already in place

  9. Amy Padilla says:

    Thank you 

  10. Amy Padilla says:

    Great ideas

  11. Lee G. says:

    We live in a small apartment. I shopped our local Goodwill and located a computer armoire for $40:

    The previous owner added a corkboard, dry erase board, plastic vertical file holders, and multiple lights. School supplies go in a basket on top, books in the overhead bookshelf. There’s two rollout desk leaves, so plenty of space for laptop, books on the next level, and notebook on the third.

    I have two chairs, one on either side of the armoire, for when my student and I need to pull up a chair.

    At the end of the day, just close the doors and everything is neat and organized for tomorrow, with no visual clutter. This is the second computer armoire I have found at Goodwill. My sister has the larger one, with a whole pullout desk and file cabinet.

  12. Soy nuevo aqui; quiero aprender mas.
    Bueno muchas felicidades por este blog.

  13. Tina Collier says:

    Very great ideas

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