How to Communicate Your Choice to Use a Virtual School

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  1. Cynthia Roketa says:

    This will be our first year with a virtual school but quite frankly, it is no one elses business how I choose to educate my son. If others do not understand I don’t feel a need to explain. It has been my experience that people that judge are not willing to understand or support. But I grew up in a time and place when civility and manners were very important so I of course will be polite when I tell them I make the decisions on how my son is educated not them! Most people I have told have been very supportive & in agreement with me when I say a virtual school environment will be the best course for my son.

  2. Michelle says:

    I find this statement works: “I’m sure you’re like me, in that you spend a lot of careful time choosing whatever is best for your individual child and family. Just like with sports, activities, doctors, etc., we’ve discovered over time that what is successful for one child can be not as suitable a choice for others. I certainly don’t recommend it for everyone, but for our son, virtual school is the choice that maximizes his potential and helps him learn best.” When you put it in the “it’s okay for us, but we’re not pushing it on you” category, it becomes less challenging to the other person.

  3. Connections Family says:

    I love our virtual school experience. When we talk with others about it we start out with “It may not be for everyone but it was the best decision for us.” Our oldest child was picked on a lot in brick and mortar schools and this affected his performance in the classroom. He is a smart child and was passed over as having difficulty learning in these schools. He went from a D average to an A/B average. I am able to have a lot more involvement in his learning experience than was ever afforded in public schools where the most involvement his teacher wanted was fund raising for next years students. We are able to spend more time on subjects that need help and the teachers are extremely helpful. Most of our friends and family were skeptical at first but have seen him grow so much over this last year and truly blossom as a student. I would tell anyone to do their research and make a list of the things most important to them, and consider if they are able to put in the time needed for helping their student excel. Be realistic about the time you spend with your student on school activities you don’t want to mislead anyone on how much time is involved as a learning coach.

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