Homeschool to Online Learning: An Easy Transition

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  1. Ro says:

    My family switched to Connections in 2011 after homeschooling since 1999.
    Connections is great if you use the curriculum on your own, but if you are using the curriculum through a virtual school, you must be willing to give up a lot of your freedom. The curriculum is great, but there is way too much to do. Our focus has always been learning, not getting things done. There are too many classes added on to help pass standardized tests. These classes in addition to regular classes, creates stress and my children almost lost their love for learning. My daughter was doing poorly in Pre-Algebra, but when her teacher called, she didn’t mention anything about her grade or helping her, just told her to GET IT DONE. The focus on getting this done quickly is at the forefront. Portfolios haunt you for weeks.

    If you are a long time homeschooler, I could never recommend Connections as an alternative. We’ve since gone back to homeschooling and they’ve learned much more in a non-stressful environment. They love learning again!

  2. Becki says:

    2 Years ago we made the transition from traditional home school to Connections Academy. I knew I wanted to do online school with my kids, I just wasn’t sure which online school to choose. I took some time to research it by reading lots of personal reviews, and talking to a few people who had personal experience. After lots of prayer, I decided on Connections Academy. The first 2 months or so was really challenging. I went from maybe a 3-4 hour day with the kids to school lasting until 2 or 3 int he afternoon. It was a challenge on the kids to complete all of the work It was also a challenge on me to balance schooling with all of my other household duties as a stay at home mom. I think part of my stress was not understanding the system completely and trying to do more then was necessary. I was also stretched thin between my three kids who were in 5th, 3rd, and 1st. I got a lot of encouragement from the teachers. I also started to relax and realize just how flexible it could be. After we had started the 2nd semester I was really starting to enjoy and feel confident in the choice I had made. The kids were excelling in everything. They were having fun and so was I. If I had continued on in traditional home school I never would have expected the kind of academic growth out of my kids. I have every confidence that they are doing as well if not better then their peers. The teachers have been AWESOME! My oldest is going  into 7th grade next year. I’m so thankful for the teachers she will have who will help her when the work becomes too challenging for me (Math!) I also appreciate that this is public school and there is no cost to me for any of it. With homeschooling 3 kids, the cost was definitely becoming an issue. I really really love Connections and all of the teachers involved who make it so special. 

  3. Theresa Broussard says:

    This will be our first year for online public school.  We’ve homeschooled since 2nd grade (the past 4 years) and he will be in sixth grade.  I’m nervous to give up “control” of the curriculum, but excited at the same time to personally have a bit more freedom and for him to take more ownership in his education.  He will be responsible to get things done (as assigned from his teacher as it written in black and white on the schedule – not his mom)!  No more nagging, coaxing, arm bending!  LOL 

    I’m also eager for the challenge and encouragement from teachers. The clubs and extra-curricular activities sound very interesting and of course the field trips!

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