5 Study Tips to Making Tough Subjects Easier to Learn

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  1. Hilari Seagrave says:

    There doesn’t seem to be enough time in a day, even with online schooling, to sit down and reflect or create an analogy for new things learned that day… These kids are bombarded with too much information. Information that most of them will never need again in their lifetime. I think that teaching kids in this way would be exceptionally helpful, but more so if they are taught this way from an early age… And it would be even more productive to the students to be learning life skills from 6th grade and on and not have them only as an alternative learning class they may choose to take later in high school.

  2. Jean Wilson says:

    what might be the best way for a 7 year old to learn phonics. She is good in math and loves to read but still has problems with sounding out the letters. Any suggestions?

  3. jackie says:

    do you have any special events like any meet ups? or trips maybe?4

  4. anon Mom w/MBA says:

    One flaw with this logic, is that the text book is (1) well written and (2) that the instructor uses it.
    I’m finding more and more often that textbooks are poorly written, especially with math/statistics, and instructors supplement or replace with other things (handouts, software, in-class notes).
    Making it very hard to capture the big picture because the info is all over the place, from multiple sources, in different formats and structures.
    I’m a mother of two college kids, and I have an MBA so i’ve seen a lot over the years.
    And when it comes to Math, it is so poorly taught today – i can’t even put into words.  And i grew up enjoying math and was very good at it (took two levels of Univ Calculus and Trig).
    Needs to go back to the basics.

  5. shalini says:

    to stop seeing tv and some  distractions show easy tips my mind is not coming one steady position.

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